Block copolymer
Random copolymer Polypropylene
Application: production of films, bags, containers, pipes, plastic parts, dishes, geosynthetic materials.


Expanded Polystyrene
High Impact Polystyrene
General purpose Polystyrene
Application: production of insulation boards, fire-resistant technical and food packaging, dishes, furniture, household appliances.


Application: electrical engineering, automotive parts, electronics (home electronics, mobile phone cases, office equipment, information carriers), lighting, optics, medical equipment, consumer goods (dishes, bottles, packaging), construction (sheets and panels).

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)

Aplications: production of food packaging for carbonated water, juices, dairy products, sunflower oil, healthcare products, household chemicals.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

Suspension PVC
Emulsion PVC
Application: production of hoses, artificial leather, insulation, window frames, linoleum.


Application: materials for 3D printing, production of large-sized vehicles and household appliances, cases and various equipment.

Carbon black

Applications: used as a reinforcing component in the production of rubbers and plastics. About 70% of all produced carbon black is used in the production of tires, about 20% in the production of rubber products. The rest is used as a black pigment; aging retarder of plastics; component that gives plastics special properties (conductive, antistatic, ability to absorb ultraviolet radiation).