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Deferred payment
To increase the efficiency of our customer's business, we are ready to provide them deferred payment terms.
Modern risk management practices let us decide to approve the deferred payment to the buyer. The main factors here are the financial position and the business reputation of the client.

We are ready to offer cooperation using various financial instruments for customers who require long grace periods (more than 30 calendar days) or a significant credit limit. The company partners are the largest banks, factoring, and insurance companies of the international level, which we have acquired with a long-term cooperation experience, who can offer our customers the most profitable solutions.


The company provides the optimal delivery of goods to the consumer by road, rail, and sea.
Annually we deliver over 400 thousand tons of raw materials to our customers.
Our company has a license for international freight.
We follow the following principles when arranging the delivery:
- guarantee of delivery of goods;
- the best delivery conditions for the client;
- responsibility for the cargo until the buyer receives it;
- delivery on time;
- possibility of payment for goods after delivery;
- monitoring the location of transport 24 hours 7 days a week;
- more than 1000 approved carriers.

Our company has a developed logistics infrastructure (modern warehouse complexes, own vehicles), so it is ready to offer customers a consolidation service, that is - the unification of several consignments (types) of goods to move in the same transport along an identical route.


Our company provides a full range of services for the storage and processing of goods as well as in our warehouses and the warehouses of customers.
The composition of these services includes:
- cargo handling;
- acceptance of goods by quantity and quality;
- accounting of goods by article, shelf life, batches, manufacturing dates;
- sorting of goods;
- palletizing of goods;
- registration of all necessary accompanying documentation;

- Other warehouse operations (work with rejects/returns, provision of reports to the client, etcetera).

Consultation of technician

The technicians working at Kartli Group
will help you understand the technical properties and features of the products we supply so that our valued customers chose the raw materials that would meet all the technical and technological requirements. Our technicians will provide information support on our raw materials use, quality, and the cost of the final product.

To get answers you can contact our technicians through our sales representative or the form on the website.