International Trading of Polymers and Petrochemicals

Youth policy

Young workers make up 80% of the total number of personnel of the KARTLI group of companies, which testifies to the effectiveness of the youth policy and corresponds to the corporate strategy of personnel management. Three-quarters of young specialists are students of higher educational institutions.

The youth policy is aimed at attracting young workers and developing their professional potential. KARTLI has developed a three-stage system of selection, training, and capacity building:

- Participation in various "Job Fairs" by our personnel management analyst for students of higher educational institutions;

- organization of youth training;

- providing career opportunities for young employees.

Participation in "Job Fairs" allows us to work with those who have not yet decided on the choice of their future occupation, but have the qualities necessary for working in KARTLI - the desire to materialize, communicate and correspond to the corporate values of our organization.

Training of young employees already begins from the first days of work in KARTLI, even during the probation period. Comprehensive training is provided by both, the KARTLI specialists and by attracting well-known personnel management companies. An important role in the process of training a young employee is carried out by mentors from KARTLI specialists who accompany new workers during the whole trial period.

The possibility of career growth allows a young specialist to gain confidence for the future at the early stages of work, and build real-life plans. KARTLI conducts annual certification, the positive results of which guarantee the young specialist of confident career growth, up to executive managerial positions.