Environmental Policy

The KARTLI group of companies considers environmental safety and environmental protection one of the priorities of its activity. Currently, work is underway to introduce a corporate environmental management system that meets the requirements of the international standard of ISO 14001.

The environmental policy of KARTLI bases on:

- increased awareness of the environmental consequences of the main activity, reducing the negative impacts on the environment and climate;

- the desire to expand the range of environmentally friendly products.

Priority objectives in the field of environment include:

- cooperation with responsible producers and processors striving to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals;

- optimization of energy consumption;

- improvement of environmental and corporate liability among employees;

- prevention of pollution and rational use of natural resources;

- reduction of pollutant emissions into the atmosphere;

- waste quantity reduction, processing and utilization;

- anticipation and willingness to eliminate the consequences of possible emergencies;

- Assuring the level of impact on the environment, meeting the requirements of national and international legislations.