Butyl rubber

Application: tires, vulcanization diaphragms, steam hoses, rubber rings, gaskets, sealants and waterproof coatings.

Butadiene rubber

Application: footwear production, production of tires, asbestos rubber products, coloured rubber products, hoses, conveyor belts, and cable insulation.

Emulsion Butadiene-Styrene Rubber without oil

Application: tire, industrial rubber, and cable and footwear industries.

Emulsion Styrene-Butadiene Rubber with oil

Application: tire, industrial rubber, cable and footwear industries.

Isoprene rubber

Application: it is an ideal choice for applications in areas where natural rubber is normally used, where high flexibility on ageing as well as stability of physical and mechanical properties are important.

Solution polymerization styrene butadiene rubber

Application: production of tire protectors, conveyor belts, technical plates and in footwear production.

EPDM / Ethylene-propylene-diene rubbers

Application: hoses, gaskets, seals, roofing, cable sheath

PBR / Polybutadiene rubbers

Application: tire tread and sidewall, shoe soles, conveyor belt cover, hose and tube cover, sporting goods

POE / Polyolefin rubbers

Application: impact modifier for automotive compounds, shoes, cable and wire sheath, polyamide modification

Thermoplastic elastomer

Application: the production of roofing materials, road bitumen, impact-resistant plastics, shoe sole materials, protective coatings, adhesives, electrical products.