Water-soluble bioplastics created in Philippines

“In search of an alternative to plastic, a researcher from the Philippine Institute of Biological Chemistry developed a bioplastics using polymers known as pectin and carrageenan. They are obtained from the peel of mango and seaweed,” as in materials of https://hightech.fm/ reported.

The material is not only environmentally friendly, but in some indicators better than plastic. For example, it is completely soluble in water and does not decompose into small particles. Therefore, it certainly does not get into the organisms of sea creatures.

The researcher is sure that his material is able to solve the problem of microplastics - invisible objects that pollute vast territories around the planet.

In addition, the new material is strong enough and can imitate body movements. It is possible not only make bioplastics from it, but also create a tissue cover that can protect a burned area of the skin or stop bleeding.