Tomsk scientists will patent a new kind of polymer

Specialists of the Engineering Chemical Technology Center (IHTC), Tomsk State University (TSU) and сompany «Novohim» have developed a new, durable and non-toxic technology of polymer synthesis; at present, experts are testing and preparing to patent several of its varieties, according to an innovative portal of the Tomsk region on Thursday.

It is specified that the new polymer is a thermosetting resin, similar to epoxy, based on glycoluril and melamine. Due to its features and structure, the polymer does not burn (the decomposition temperature is 337 ° C), it is cheaper than analogues and  produced from domestic raw materials. The polycarbonate has similar physicomechanical properties and transparency.

"In the ICTC, it was developed laboratory technology for the synthesis of substances. The polymer is tested on the basis of an experimental production site of the enterprise «Novohim». An application for the registration of a patent for several varieties of polymer has been prepared, "the report says.

According to the director of the ICTC, Alexei Knyazev, the polymer can replace heavy aviation alloys for rockets and airplanes, injection molding plastics and resins for transparent coatings and products, for example, for shields and masks for firemen.

It is noted that in construction, as part of composites, the polymer will increase the strength of structures, their resistance to high temperatures and aggressive environments. The polymer will solve the problem of burial and disposal of toxic waste: they can be poured with resin-like polymer, after hardening it will limit the release of hazardous substances.

"The material is resistant to most chemicals substances, makes electrical insulation materials fireproof and safe," - quoted Knyazev in the message.