The graduate student developed polymer nanofibers in Kostroma

According to "Kommersant" the development of new items in the Kostroma state University was engaged about four years, one of the graduate students came up with a special method of supplying a polymer solution, which led to success.

"A high voltage is supplied through the polymer solute. The polymer molecules are pulled under its action, and a thread is obtained. This is the nanofiber", - so that  Maxim Smirnov, 24-year-old graduate student of the Department of theory of mechanisms and machines describes the work of a unique installation to produce new nanomaterials.

Nanofibers on the Kostroma installation of flesh are thinner than the hair, and it 's clear where they will be useful: first of all in medicine. "The opportunity to form nanofibers from a rich medical supplies bandage, which is then itself dissolved", Maxim says.

According to Andrey Korabelnikov, head of the Department and scientific supervisor of the young scientist, the range of use of nanomaterials is very wide: from packaging products and creating various fabrics to the production of water filters that will be cheaper and more efficient than many existing ones.

Maxim got a state grant for his invention. He plans to spend it on the purchase of polymers and new experiments.