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Starlinger acquires Barmag Spinnzwirn from Oerlikon

The Austrian group of companies Starlinger acquires a division of Barmag Spinnzwirn located in Chemnitz from Oerlikon. Integration of related technologies for the production of tapes, monofilament, complex and twisted yarns, as well as texturing machines into the existing product range provides a significant potential for synergistic effects in the field of service, technology and sales.

Known as the Barmag Spinnzwirn division of the “Artificial Fiber” segment of Oerlikon, it specializes in the manufacture of ready-to-use extrusion machines for the production of tapes and monofilaments, such as artificial grass cover, knitted twine, carpet matting or geotextile, high speed winding machines and precision reeling machines for textiles and technical integrated and twisted yarns, as well as texturing machines. This direction optimally complements the scope of the new owner. Starlinger & Co. GmbH is the world leader in the production of equipment and complex installations for the manufacture of woven plastic bags, recycling and ennobling of many types of plastic and extrusion equipment for secondary PET for deep-drawing films. The Starlinger Group also owns Georg Sahm GmbH & Co. KG. KG in Eschwege, specializing in the field of winding technology and is a leader in the technology of production of high-strength fiber, carbon fiber, as well as cut film tapes for processing.

"The acquisition of Barmag Spinnzwirn means that we will expand our range and we will be able to offer even more individualized solutions for manufacturers of technical textiles," explains Angelika Hümer, co-founder of Starlinger. "We expect synergies and new benefits for our customers not only in terms of technology, but also due to our well-developed sales and service network," says Georg Steisberg, executive director of Oerlikon's Artificial Fiber segment. "We are confident that due to numerous synergies Barmag Spinnzwirn will be able to develop more efficiently with a new owner than it would be possible in the medium and long term in our segment." The branch in Chemnitz will become part of the Starlinger group, which is a family enterprise. The final transfer will take place at the end of the third quarter of this year; the first joint solutions will be presented at the exhibition of ITMA 2019 textile equipment in Barcelona and the plastic exhibition K 2019 in Dusseldorf.