SIBUR launches polyethylene terephthalate production using secondary raw materials

One of the world's largest companies in the petrochemical industry has launched a project to produce "green" PET granules (polyethylene terephthalate, PET), for which it is planned to use about 34 thousand tons of secondary raw materials annually.

PET is used for the production of food packaging for soft drinks, dairy products, medicines, household chemicals, etc. PET packaging is inert to the product, safe for humans and the environment, and can be completely recycled.

Supplies of PET flakes will be carried out from various regions of the country to provide the project with raw materials. Semi-finished products of recycled bottles will be used during the implementation of the project (washing and preparation of semi-finished products will be carried out by suppliers at their own enterprises).

The quality control of raw materials are used will definitely be carried out to verify compliance with the established requirements.

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