Russian scientists improve the quality of composites using terahertz radiation

Scientists from one of the Russian universities (Tomsk) study inhomogeneities in composite materials using terahertz radiation. The study will further improve the quality of composites used in medicine, rocketry, the automotive industry and other industries.

There is a rapid growth in research devoted to the practical application of terahertz radiation in various fields of science and technology today : in telecommunication systems, medicine, security systems, art history. Functional composite materials based on carbon nanotubes, graphene, bulbous carbon and nanofibers are also widely developed.

It is necessary to know the connection between the required surface distribution of electromagnetic parameters and the main physical characteristics of the composite when such materials are obtaining: the type and structural features of the active phase particles, their concentration, and the heterogeneity of the material itself. Scientists have proposed to solve this problem using terahertz imaging in a spectrometer.

The developed software provides real-time data on the size and localization of the heterogeneity in the investigated composite sample. Thus, the electrophysical parameters are calculated, which are needed to fill the databases of manufacturers of composite materials.

Scientists are currently at the stage of improving the technology of terahertz imaging of materials, increasing the spatial resolution and expanding the functionality of the software.

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