Last Friday, in December 7, there took place a meeting at the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Tatarstan called as “polymer day”.

At this meeting of professionals in the field of production and processing of polymers of Tatarstan, it was noted that the processing of polymers has increased by 2.5 times over the past 7 years. At the same time, production of about 40% of all Russian polymers is concentrated in the Republic of Tatarstan. As the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of Tatarstan Alexey Savelchev noted, the growth of polymer processing occurred due to the opening of new large enterprises, such as I-Plast, Danaflex, Tekhstroy, Polimatiz, TatkhimPlast, Poligran, etc.

Polymer processors from Tatarstan intend to further expand not only through the export of products, but it is also planned to export competencies. In particular, the company "Ay-Plast" will open a new plant in the Rostov region in January 2019 and also plans to build a plant in the United Arab Emirates. The company "TathimPlast" prepares to send its compounds to the American company JVIS USA (Detroit) and plans to mobilize its production abroad.

A production of materials for the cable industry has also been discussed at the meeting.