Last week Kazanorgsintez, PJSC took stock of its working of 2018 and announced the upcoming large-scale program to modernize its production.

"“Kazanorgsintez” systematically upgrades its equipment in order to achieve savings in raw materials and energy resources, to reduce the impact on the environment, to increase production and improve logistics," the press service of the enterprise said.

Implementation of some projects continues in 2019: modernization of part of ethylene production in order to increase capacity by replacing ethane raw materials with propane at the ethylene plant, upgrading the production of isopropyl benzene and the phenol fine purification unit from trace elements at the bisphenol A plant, increasing production capacity at the polycarbonate plant, upgrading the packaging unit , palletizing and storage of products, reconstruction of basic warehouses for the storage of propylene and butylene-butadiene fraction, construction of the water treatment unit of the treatment plant and external communications with an additional tank.

It is planning to star several major projects shortly. This is about the reconstruction of the reactor “B” at the plant for the production of low-density polyethylene, the construction of an autoclave plant for the production of sevilen, the construction of an electricity generating plant PGU-250.