Primary polymers production in Russia in 2020 grew by 17.0%

According to the Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat), an increase in the production of chemical products by 7.2% has been recorded by the end of 2020.

Production of all types of plastics in primary forms in 2020 amounted to 10.176 million tons and increased by 17% compared to 2019.

In total, in January-December 2020, 3423 thousand tons of polyethylene were produced, that is 50% higher than in 2019. The high growth was due to an increase in the production capacity of the “ZapSibNeftekhim” plant (part of the “SIBUR” group), that started its work in autumn 2019.

The production of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in December 2020 amounted to 92.8 thousand tons, that is 2.7% more than in 2019. In total, in 2020 the country produced 1,060.0 thousand tons of PVC, that is higher than in 2019 by 0.5%.

In total, 715 thousand tons of polycarbonate, polyesters, polyesters, alkyd and epoxy resins were produced in 2020, that is 10.1% more than in 2019.

Production of polystyrene in 2020 increased by 4.4%, and synthetic rubbers - by 2.5% and amounted to 583 thousand tons and 1535 thousand tons, respectively.

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