Polypropylene’s worldwide sales increased by 25%

According to the results of the polypropylene market review for the period from 2013 to 2017, conducted by BusinesStat, its worldwide sales increased by 25%: from 55 to 69 million tons. The popularity of polypropylene is due to its unique properties such as lightness, durability, resistance to high temperatures. The polymer is easily processed by almost all known methods (extrusion, injection molding, blowing, etc.), it is non-toxic and easily recycled.

According to BusinesStat’s forecasts polypropylene’s worldwide sales will continue to grow by an average of 4% per year in 2018-2022. In 2022 it will reach 83 million tons, which will exceed the value of 2017 by 22%. Polypropylene began to be widely used in the automotive industry recently, packaging materials’ and household goods’ increasing demand will also lead to the market growth. By the way, according to market experts, the production of the polymer fibers, threads, hygiene items and medical materials is promising and rapidly growing direction of polypropylene consumption.