MTS will help businesses to control the delivery of goods by logistics companies

MTS PJSC (NYSE: MBT, MOEX: MTSS), a leading Russian company providing digital, media and telecommunications services, has launched a service that will allow companies to control all stages of cargo delivery without their own vehicle fleet. The first client was "Kartli", one of the leading traders of polymer products in Russia and the CIS.

The solution based on the "Mobile Employees" product allows to track the location of contractors' drivers and to receive notifications about the time of cargo delivery without installing a GPS tracker in the car. The service will be in demand among large industrial and commercial enterprises mostly.

The application displays information about the planned arrival date of the driver and his current location; in addition, notifications about the car leaving the warehouse or arriving at the customer can be configured. The service can be integrated with the client's own information systems or applications.

Before sending the cargo the client enters the driver's phone number into the application, which receives an SMS with a request to confirm consent to determine the location. After the end of the trip, it is neccessary to resend the SMS to stop tracking. The service works with both MTS subscribers and such largest telecom operators as Megafon and Beeline clients. The accuracy of the geo-position reaches tens of meters in the city and hundreds of meters outside the city.

“We monitor 70% of deliveries, and by the end of the year we intend to bring this figure to 90%,” said Sergey Yevstratov, Chief strategic planning officer of Kartli Group of Companies. - The service allows us to optimize the interaction of sales managers, logisticians, drivers, customers and suppliers. Thanks to the use of the service, we managed to significantly reduce the time for organizing and tracking delivery and increase customer loyalty".

“MTS is adapting the already proven service to the needs of its clients, creating new scenarios of its use. MTS has adapted the "Mobile Employees" service for monitoring drivers of third-party companies especially for Kartli, and now other clients can also use it. The cost depends on the required number of requests and varies from 60 kopecks to one ruble per request, ”said Mikhail Kozlov, Director of the IT Department of MTS.

About the "Mobile employees" service

"Mobile employees" allow to set tasks for specialists working remotely and to control its implementation, to receive a report on movements and visits to objects marked on the map, to distribute orders automatically depending on the location and workload of an employee, and to track cargo transportation. The service allows to reduce fuel consumption by 10% on average in the first month after installation and to increase the number of processed orders by 20% without increasing the staff.