Kazanorgsintez company will become the only producer of metallocene polyethylene in Russia

“Kazanorgsintez, PJSC starts industrial production of metallocene linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) in April 2019” the press service of the company said. Entering the domestic market will make the polymer available to a wide range of polymer processors.

The characteristics of organic compounds used by the enterprise in the production of metallocene LLDPE will provide the best set of operational properties of the polymer being produced.

Metallocene linear polyethylene is currently one of the most demanded, it is used for the production of stretch films, stretch hood films, high-strength general purpose films, films for lamination, agricultural films, it is also used alone or as an additive to other types of polyethylene.

The company is planning to introduce two grades of metallocene LLDPE for the films production - F2010M and F2030M. These types of the polymer differ in melt flow index: the first type of polyethylene is more viscous and is intended for the tubular film production by blowing, and the second is for producing a film by the method of slot extrusion.