"Kartli" was ranked in the top largest companies in Russia RAEX 600

RAEX-600 rating of the largest Russian companies in terms of product sales was published. "Kartli" took the 479th place with a 2020-year revenue of 32.4 billion rubles. The company's revenue growth rate from 2019 to 2020 amounted to 8.2%, which ensured a rise by 28 positions in the ranking.

According to the rating results, Russian business leaders lost almost 5.5 trillion rubles in 2020 - this is total revenue decrease of RAEX-600 participants.

Along with the sectors affected by the 2020 crisis, the rating clearly identified a whole group of industries that achieved noticeable success during this difficult period. First of all, the pharmaceutical industry, the agro-industrial complex, construction and trade are distinguished. There is a noticeable increase in turnover in the field of trade, - 13% for retail and 11.2% for wholesale.

The growth of quotations on the commodity markets for almost all commodities allows us to assume that the sectors that have sagged in the analyzed rating (from petroleum industry to ferrous metallurgy) will show an increase in revenue in the next list. Judging by the interim statistics, industries showing growth in the current list will be able to further strengthen their positions in the next RAEX-600.

News source: https://raex-rr.com/