«Kartli» has become a distributor of Stavrolen, LLC

In 2018 Kartli, group of companies, became a distributor of Stavrolen, LLC. Stavrolen is a part of the Lukoil group, is the second largest producer of low pressure polyethylene (HDPE) in Russia and the third in terms of polypropylene (PP) production.

There are more than 30 grades of polyethylene and more than 20 grades of polypropylene in the production line of Stavrolen.

Polymeric raw materials produced by LLC Stavrolen are used in various fields. Thus, polyethylene is used in the manufacture of pipes (gas, pressure and drainage), films, products of extrusion and injection molding, cable insulation; polypropylene - for the production of bi-oriented metallized film by high-speed extrusion; monofilament, elastic tape; transparent products of general purpose by injection molding, for the manufacture of pipes of hot and cold water, the molding of blown products, parts of the automotive industry.