International Trading of Polymers and Petrochemicals

Kartli Group of Companies took part in K-2019 international exhibition

Kartli Group of Companies took part in the leading and the world biggest 21st exhibition of plastics and rubber. The exhibition takes place in Germany, Dusseldorf, from October 16 to 23. The K-2019 exhibition is the most authority event in the world where more than 60 countries present its developments. The exhibition is held once in 3 years.

The main topic of the K-2019 exhibition was the closed-loop economics - recycling and non-waste production. The introduction of artificial intelligence and automation into production, environmentally friendly sustainable polymers from renewable raw materials as an alternative to traditional plastic, innovation in production processes, the contribution of plastic parts to the development of electric vehicles, semi-finished products, parts, reinforced plastic, services and research in the industry and otheres different themes are also touched on the event.