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Interest in light-colored polymer membranes is growing

Manufacturers noticed an increase in interest in light-colored polymer membranes from developers. Using of white roofing materials can reduce the cost of air conditioning, and even reduce the overall temperature in cities.

The authorities of some cities in Australia have already forbidden residents to construct dark roof buildings, and demanded old houses roofs to be repainted. Similar initiatives have already been launched in the cities of India, in New York.

In Russia, despite the relatively cool climate, there is also the problem of urban heat islands. However, in the coming years, legislative changes in the requirements for the roof are not expected.

Tests of white polymer membranes have shown that the Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) is 102. This is more than 2 times higher than the indicators for light gray membranes, the SRI of which is 45 and about 10 times higher than the SRI for dark or black roofing materials. White membranes reflect about 80% of the incident light, and also cool faster at night.

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