Innovations for safe roads.

For the sake of traffic safety an innovative material thermoplastic is used on the marking. It is well visible on wet asphalt and at night-time, and besides such marking will serve longer, than a usual one made by paint.

Innovations for safe roads

Places of special attention

The marking will be done in the places where traffic accidents are concentrated, as well as near crowded public spaces (squares, parks) and also near educational institutions, schools and kindergartens. There will be used not just a white, but also brighter and more noticeable yellow-white plastic. This decision was taken by the city authorities in case to improve (increase) the security of children.


On modern technologies

Weather conditions and temperature regime allow putting the marking at night. It is especially relevant for streets with heavy traffic.

Despite the huge amount of works, the citizens, most likely, won't notice any processes thanks to the application of modern materials – cold plastic and thermoplastic. It dries literally in 20–30 minutes after drawing. The other indisputable plus of a plastic marking is that it serves within a year. For comparison: the usual paint had to be updated several times a year.

An innovative material due to addition of reflecting polymers is perfectly visible on the road, including the rainy weather and night-time. It has proved itself well being used in the places of high transportability so it maintains abrasive and chemical loadings, negative impact of the weather factors. Due to these properties the marking serves longer, it is better noticeable, it differs in brightness and clearness of lines verified by geometry and lack of harmful substances and evaporations. It allows to decrease (lower) the risk of road accident on average by 20 percent thanks to what the city becomes safer.