Import of polypropylene to the Russian market increased by 31% in January-May

Nowadays imports of polypropylene to the Russian market increased by 31% in January-May. According to Market report, external supplies of propylene homopolymers increased by 38%.

In Russia, for five months received more than 80 thousand tons of polypropylene foreign production. In May, imports increased by 13%, amounting to 18.2 thousand tons. Domestic processors have increased volumes of purchases of propylene homopolymers from Turkmenistan.

External deliveries of homopolymers reached 29 thousand tons during the period under review. In May, 8.1 thousand tons of raw materials were imported, in April-5.2 thousand tons.

For five months import of block copolymers of propylene increased by 20% to 20.2 thousand tons. In may, 4 thousand tons of this raw material were shipped to the market, in April - 4.9 thousand tons. Local companies have reduced purchases of polypropylene for injection molding and pipe extrusion from Europe.

The supplies of the propylene copolymers increased by 25% to 13,600 tons. The pipe brands of polypropylene were in high demand. In May, it was imported 2.9 thousand tons of stat copolymers, in April - 3 thousand tons.

External supplies of other propylene polymers in five months reached 17.1 thousand tons against 12.3 thousand tons a year before.