Experts predict an increase in the use of polymers in commercial vehicles

The analytical session of the Comtrans exhibition, which took place in Moscow on September 7-11, showed that the drivers of growth in the market for the production and sales of commercial vehicles in the future 3-5 years will be fleet renewal and striving for decarbonization. According to experts, this will entail a wider use of plastic parts in the cargo and LCV segment.

Today in Russia, vehicles over 20 years old make up 54.4% of the truck fleet. These cars are outdated, so it is quite understandable that the owners will soon begin to change them to more modern ones. The growth in the volume of production of commercial vehicles by 2025 is projected at the level of + 10-15%.

There are several main trends in the production of new commercial vehicles today: the active introduction of telematics systems, the "green agenda" and the use of more high-tech materials. According to experts, in the next 3-5 years, the demand for high-quality plastics in this segment will increase not proportionally to the production of cars, but ahead of schedule. And the reason for this is not only the replacement of the outdated vehicle fleet, but also the transition to green technologies.

According to the tasks set by the Government of Russia, by 2030 the country should have produced 217 thousand electric vehicles. The weight is critical for such cars. The lighter car is, the farther it will travel on a single charge.

And this is another reason for the growth in demand for engineering plastics, since plastic parts, while maintaining all the necessary physical and mechanical characteristics, are 25-30% lighter than metal ones.

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