International Trading of Polymers and Petrochemicals


+ What country are you in?
The company is registered in Switzerland.
+ What does the name of your company mean?
+ What are your terms of delivery?

We can supply on any conditions, but mainly we use terms of DAP and DDP.

+ Can you provide samples for testing?
Yes, we can.
+ Can you provide a deferment of payment?

In order to improve the business performance of our customers, we are ready to provide both a deferment and factoring.

+ Can you save a certain price, for example, for a year?

Our prices are spot, it changes every month.

+ What is the country of origin of raw materials?

Countries of origin are China, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Turkey, Brazil, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, USA, Latvia France, India.

+ Are you a manufacturer?

The integrated activity of our company, aimed at the distribution of polymer products, consists in the organization of a multi-parameter sales system, including:

  1. The principle of an individual approach to each client, according to his requests and wishes;
  2. Free consultation of our technologist who will help to understand the technical properties and features of supplied products;
  3. Providing a deferment of payment;
  4. The organization of competent technological storage of products aimed at preventing its spoilage;
  5. Delivery of products directly to the place of storage in any point of the world using different types of transport.
+ Do you supply secondary raw materials?

No, we don’t. Our company supplies only primary raw materials.

+ Where are your warehouses located?

For the convenience of customers of Kartli International AG our warehouses are located in Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania, Turkey and other countries.