International Trading of Polymers and Petrochemicals

Polymer trade

Our company has been developing for over ten years and currently it is effectively implementing its trading activities on the following commodity groups of polymer raw materials:

- polyethylene;

- polypropylene;

- polystyrene;

- ABS plastic;

- polycarbonate;

- polyethylene terephthalate (PET);

- polyvinyl chloride (PVC);

- synthetic rubbers;

- carbon black.

We are striving to build a different kind of partnership with our suppliers and customers: from long-term strategic contracts to efficient cooperation in solving tactical tasks of partners.

At the realization of trading activity, our company uses the following ways of the organization of trade:

- purchase of polymer raw materials in large batches, which allows manufacturing plants to reduce selling costs, as well as to reduce downtime when changing equipment and the associated expenses;

- use of a network of regional warehouse centers that support the required level of raw material reserves, which allows customers to offer a competitive price and quick time delivery;

- delivery of goods by road, rail, and sea;

- ensuring the possibility of deferred payment for buyers;

- keeping the insurance stocks directly in the warehouses of our customers. When using this scheme, we organize the storage of raw materials from customers following technological consumption rates, and we transfer products to production if there is a customer order. The customer pays for raw materials as consumption in production. This scheme notably reduces the consumers' costs and improves their efficiency.