The strategic development of the company is presented in two directions: Product Strategy and Strategy of Structural Development.

Product strategy:

- Markets. The Company's strategic goals are to hold leading position in local markets (Russia, post-Soviet countries), a significant expansion of the market share to the European Union, and entry into new markets (Southeast Asia, and the Middle East).

- New products. The company sets its goal in the development of a new product line (rubbers) and the release of a new product to the market.

- Diversification. The strategic goal of the company is to create a modern highly integrated Intelligent Transportation and Warehouse Logistics Management System. This system is created in cooperation with the largest manufacturer of freight trucks in Russia.

- Engineering. The company strives to create (in cooperation with the leading scientific and production structures of the country) the Center for Polymer Engineering, whose goal will be optimization of technologies for processing polymeric raw materials, creating a classifier for raw materials, and an optimal selection of analogues.

Strategy of structural development:

- Organizational structure. Due to the significant growth in sales volumes, exploration of new markets, diversification of business, the Company is working to create a new management system based on the principles of project-target groups, matrix organizational structure and continuous improvement of motivational mechanisms for employees.

- Business processes. The company develops and constantly optimizes internal and external business processes for the purpose of certification and maintenance of an appropriate level of management in accordance with the international Quality Management Standards series ISO 9001. The information technology department continuously improves the enterprise information system based on the latest hardware and software tools of ERP level.